Wasted potential? Admiralty System reviewed.

Jan touched on a number of issues I agree with, but my assessment of the system rates it a little higher – perhaps 7/10.

The problem I have is finding the right context in which to give my opinion. I’m a ship collector with multiple alts – as such my average toon has 40+ ships each. My KDF and ROM alts suffer from the lack of science ships – I even went back and purchased the Dyson ships to help pad this out. Looking back on that purchase I realize that most players make do with far less in terms of ships.

Even with the purchase (15K Zen), I struggle to assemble missions at the rate my fed alts enjoy. There’s no easy way around it – Feds have the advantage.

Science discrepancy aside, I’m loving the rewards. The number of specialization points I’ve generated form a simple 5 minutes a day effort has been a real boon to my alts. Leveling from 50-60 just got a lot easier.

I can forsee a day when we can buy packs of ships to help out the admiralty system. There will certainly be rewards in the game where we will get these cards. I could even see a day when we could ‘trade cards’ with other factions – call on a Klingon friend for some assistance, or vice versa.

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Season 11 & Admiralty System

Season 11 in Star Trek Online gave us an “Admiralty” system. It’s an equivalent of duty-officer system, except, the players get to use their ships for the ‘assignments’. So, what does it mean in reality? I could perhaps say ‘Doffing, with ship doff-cards’ and be done with it, but let’s look into it some more…

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