Tribble Release Notes:EC Cap on the Exchange goes to 1 Billion

Coldsnapped posted this interesting update earlier today:


  • Admiralty:
    • The Tholian Meshweaver’s Admiralty Ship now has the correct maintenance timer of 12 hours.
    • The Tholian Escort’s special ability now correctly gives +8 science per Engship or Tacship.
    • The Mirror Temporal Dreadnought now has the correct maintenance timer of 18 hours.
    • The Mirror Temporal Dreadnought now has the correct stats which add up to 126.
  • Winter Event:
    • The Snowblower and Caramel Assault winter items work correctly with all armor sets.
    • Updated various areas of text which referred to the old Winter Prize Vouchers.
  • Resolved an issue where players which were auto-teamed would stay teamed up after exiting a queue.
  • Doubled the maximum auction price of 500,000,000 Energy Credits to 1,000,000,000 Energy Credits.
    Great, but…this means the player in question MUST have an empty personal bank to avoid going over the personal limitation to avoid loss.  A personal increase to 2 Billion is needed next 😉

  • Neutronic Torpedo:
    • Resolved an issue that caused this to drain less power than was intended.
    • The power icon in the powers menu now has a more appropriate icon.


  • Players can now delete mail sent by the Exchange.
  • Auction mail now expires after 5 days once all items are removed from the mail.
  • Resolved an issue where using “Delete Selected” in the mail UI would not properly clear the selection boxes.
  • Resolved an issue where the displayed number of R&D project slots increases with the number of available Admiralty Assignments.

Known Issues:

  • Unlocked Trait slots become “Locked” while in a queue or adventure zone which lowers the player’s level.
    • This includes when teamed with someone at a lower level in an instance.
  • Changing the windows in the Ship Tailor can also change the materials option.
  • Players cannot challenge other players on different maps.
  • Items show up as empty when items are attached when composing a message.

One thought on “Tribble Release Notes:EC Cap on the Exchange goes to 1 Billion

  1. I could have sworn I had seen patch notes that included the fix to recipe ingredients spawns in the Winter Wonderland. Or I just hallucinating…?


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