Holodeck Release Notes: EC Exchange cap ‘adjusted’ to 750 Million, Neutronic Adjustments, new Admiralty XP cap

LaughingTrendy posted this yesterday for this morning’s patch: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9693273


  • Winter Event:
    • Adjusted the Winter recipe ingredient placements to be accessible again.
      This was problematic as the ramp up to the new village covered the old drop points.  Let the recipes’s commence!
    • All Epohh Breeding Duty Officer Assignments on New Romulus and the Winter Event have had their durations reduced from 24 hours to 20 hours.
    • Added Back options to the Winter Epohh Researcher’s “Raise Gumdrop Epohh” and “Raise Sugar Plum Epohh” dialogue options.
    • Added Gumdrop and Sugar Plum Epohh entries to the Epohh Trade-in Store, found on the GPL Conversion Unit in Q’s Winter Wonderland.
    • The Snowblower and Caramel Assault winter items work correctly with all armor sets.
    • Updated various areas of text which referred to the old Winter Prize Vouchers.
  • Stormbound has been placed into the Future Proof tab in the episode journal and set as a level 60 episode.
  • Resolved an issue where players which were auto-teamed would stay teamed up after exiting a queue. Nice – not a huge issue, but it was annoying.
  • Increased the maximum auction price of 500,000,000 Energy Credits to 750,000,000 Energy Credits.
    This is still a great fix, but not the 1 Billion originally tested on Tribble.  My issue was that without a requisite personal increase in space, it would have created more problems for the 1%ers trying to manage the sale of goods.https://twitter.com/zeroniusrex/status/674749368889556992


  • Admiralty:
    • The maximum amount of Campaign XP a player may earn within a 20 hour period (daily) has been adjusted to 10,000 per Campaign.
      • This amount includes the Daily Campaign XP Bonus.
      • All other Admiralty rewards remain unaffected by this change, and can continue to be earned after the 10,000 Campaign XP is reached.
    • Resolved an issue that was preventing players at 10/10 Tour of Duty in the Klingon Campaign from progressing.I can see why they’re rolling this back.  For some players with larger inventories of ships, it was a really healthy (ok, over-powered) way of progressing your toons.  This is NOT a penalty for the vast majority of players who have limited number of ships.
      It’s important to note this is a progression cap for admiralty – not a cap for player XP;)
  • Neutronic Torpedo:
    • Resolved an issue that caused this to drain less power than was intended.
    • The power icon in the powers menu now has a more appropriate icon.
      I’ve had reports that this is decent restoration of some of the changes implemented in the previous patch.
  • Updated the duration and activate periods of Fleet Coordinator to refresh the trait every 10 seconds.
    • Previously it was never refreshing after transitioning to another map.


  • Players can once again delete mail sent by the Exchange.
  • Resolved an issue where using “Delete Selected” in the mail UI would not properly clear the selection boxes.
  • Resolved an issue where the displayed number of R&D project slots increases with the number of available Admiralty Assignments.
  • An error message will now appear when attempting to activate a ship the player already owns.

Known Issues:

  • Unlocked Trait slots become “Locked” while in a queue or adventure zone which lowers the player’s level.
    • This includes when teamed with someone at a lower level in an instance.
  • Changing the windows in the Ship Tailor can also change the materials option.
  • Players cannot challenge other players on different maps.
  • Items show up as empty when items are attached when composing a message.

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