Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser Review & Video

Lootcritter here: I’m a few hours away from posting my long-gestating review of the same ship, so in the meantime Timberwolf is offering his take on the new Winter Wonderland reward.  As always he’s a great source of information and contributor over at The SHOW.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube channel, and don’t forget to listen in on The SHOW – the best Star Trek Online Podcast for build advice and news 😉


Breen Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser Review:

Ok so the Winter Event is upon and that means one thing for Lootcritter and myself….a new starship! The moment the event started, I began the long grind of the races (and spend some lobi) to acquire my own Rezreth. I had poured over the stats of the ship and began theory crafting builds for it. I knew I would be ready when I had my hands on it…so naturally when I finally received it, I threw on my main gear set and went to Earth space to began my tests.

Oh man this ship is what I wanted from a free ship for this winter! She has a very similar BOFF layout to the C-store Odyssey classes with two addons: an upgrade to the science seat from Lt. to Lt. Cdmr., along with a hybrid Lt. Cmdr. Uni/Command seat, opening up for new ideas for tanking and damage output builds. She has the same console layout as the T5U Operations Odyssey and the Quas, so I built this new ship around a hybrid of the two. With its first tests going amazing, I took her into an Infected Space Advanced and hoped for the best. Man she did not disappoint, even though I died twice…which you will see in the video link below:

So a great damage output, but in my first try, a little squishy so I tried traded around a few things and retried my efforts in a 3 man ISA with 3 Rezreths on the Pilot Review Show….it did not disappoint at all with the changes! Link to that show here:

So overall, a great free T6 cruiser from the Winter Event this year! If you are curious how to pilot or play a Odyssey, Quas, or other large cruiser, this ship will give you that feel and quite honestly you could stay with this ship at the endgame level and be perfectly fine. So if you haven’t picked this up, do it now! This, to me, has set the bar high for the Anniversary event ship due in a few months….After all the Rezreth and the Nandi are both fantastic ships. I have to get back in-game to push this ship to its limits like I always do with my Odyssey….so until next time, Timberwolf is warping out!

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