Star Trek Beyond 2015 Trailer

Ok, so we won’t have to wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to see it. Unexpectedly appearing this morning to a mixed reception, the latest effort in the revised franchise see’s our valiant ship being shredded by a swarm-like attack, a crashed primary hull on the surface of an alien world (Enterprise or some other ship?), followed by a lot of action on the ground.

And  a motorcycle.  And more Beastie Boys in the background.  And 6 cars doing a massive jump over a dry river-bed… wait, no that was a Fast and Furious movie moment.  I got confused for a few seconds.

What did stand out for me was Idris Elba’s voice “…this is where the Frontier pushes back…” and a very interesting make-up job:


Star Trek Beyond opens July 22nd 2016.

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