Release Notes: May 5th 2016 – R&D Mod Unintended Bait & Switch fixed, and Dilithium Vouchers!


Two nice point in this weeks update which also HAS NO MENTION OF THE SPECIAL-SUPER-SECRET NEWS due tomorrow.

Crafting Item Modifiers

For at least since the last R&D Weekend, players have noticed that the randomly generated modifiers that you see in the results windows do not reflect the item you get.  For some reason there was a ‘rerolling’ of the modifiers when you actually receive said item.  Most annoying, especially for those crafters seeking weapon mod perfection.

This has been fixed 😉

Dilithium Vouchers

One of the #firstworldproblems ship collectors have to deal with is an over abundance of Dilithium mining claims. Normally they’re a almost-nice-to-have reward from lockboxes, but for many players they are something we don’t get around to using.  Like Canadian quarters (or Amercian change) they build up over time and you’re left wondering how and where can I spend them.  In my case I’ve built up so many, there is no mathematical way I can turn them in before the supply replenishes.

I’ve asked a number of times if we could resell them, or give them away.  As of tomorrow we will be able to turn them in groups of up to 50 for either fleet vouchers or Reputation vouchers.  Both are perfectly acceptable alternative uses for something which currently has the same value as a degree from Trump University.  By not making them universal, STO has protected the already overburdened dilithium exchange.  I’m totally fine with this outcome.

Thank you Star Trek Online! Fellow Armada members!  Dilithium Incoming!


  • “The Temporal Front” is now a standard level 60 episode found in the Future Proof tab of the episode journal.
  • A new store tab has been added to the Ferengi EV Suit Vendor at the Dilithium Mining Asteroid, where players may exchange Dilithium Mining Claims for Dilithium Vouchers.
    • Each Claim may be exchanged for either 2,500 Reputation Dilithium Vouchers or 2,500 Fleet Dilithium Vouchers.
    • Players may exchange up to 50 Claims at a time.
    • Vouchers cannot be traded or exchanged, and will be bound to the character that makes the exchange.
    • There is no limit to the number of Claims a player may exchange. 
  • The Zefram Shotgun, Phaser and Disruptor Pulsewaves, and Phaser and Disruptor Assault Rifles are now properly categorized as Assault Weapons for traits and power interactions.
  • Aceton Assimilators summoned by players will instantly be destroyed if the player that summoned it removes the Console from their equipped item slots.
  • Resolved an issue where Subnucleonic Beam could reset the cooldown of Ablative Shell.
  • Resolved an issue where the Modifiers displayed in R&D window didn’t match the modifiers gained.

Known Issues:

  • The Assignments to recruit Romulan Bridge officers do not appear
  • Selecting “Ready Starship” in the ship selector is not moving slotted items over to the ship for some players.
  • The Polaric Modulator Console’s engine power boost doesn’t apply after moving to another map.

2 thoughts on “Release Notes: May 5th 2016 – R&D Mod Unintended Bait & Switch fixed, and Dilithium Vouchers!

  1. With the R&D thing, I get that it’s a bit of a pain, but (unless I’m missing something), wasn’t the upshot really tht you didn’t have your “moment of truth” on a crafted item until collection? That was my experience for the past few days as I crafted some weapons (for a char who wasn’t ready for the Upgrade weekend).


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