Rant: On ‘best’ Star Trek & choices

Jan has a number of great points about the fractured nature of the community in general – and I’m not just talking about Star Trek Online and the recent announcements.

From the direction of the new movies (I’m divided – such great work, but feeble delivery) to Axanar (my opinion has shifted from ‘way cool’ to a conman trying to rewrite IP laws), to the new series (sweet cardassian jesus – the writers room alone gets my upvote x10) and finally to the new direction in STO (loved the first 2 episodes on the beta servers – the first REAL fun I’ve had in about a month). It’s an interesting time to be a Star Trek fan.

One things for sure – Star Trek has many fans, not all of whom agree on what Star Trek actually is.

For me – Science fiction is a gateway drug. We get to explore the big ‘IF’s” in a way we can understand. Star Trek is a community within the great scifi community, and it’s one I think transcends the differences on lens flairs, and JJ verse, ship designs and the number of legitimate nacelles. Regardless of how you feel, it’s one we all want to see continue.

Captain Jan's Musings

Here’s almost taboo question among Star Trek fans, that is, unless you want to incite flames – Best Star Trek, what is Trek and what is not? A heated discussion among the Star Trek fans, whenever this even pops up. It’s as if you said to a Klingon that his mother’s forehead was smooth. That kind of bad.

Since the announcement of the new Star Trek Online expansion, and spanning well-over the past two years, there’s always been this notion of what is and what isn’t Star Trek among the community. People going off the rails, getting all riled up, if someone only disagreed with their opinon on that topic. This turns quite often in very toxic discussions, making for quite unfriendly environment for everyone involved. Is it necessary?

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