Confirmation about AoY content from a reliable source

“The Future is the past.  The past is the future.  It all gives me a headache.”
– Capt. Janeway

So does the belief that episodes have to occur one after the other; three leads to four, four to five, and six ends up on ESD in the 24 25th century.  The last 24 hours has been a headache with many Star Trek Online enthusiast’s wondering is this it?  What the frack…!?

If anything we’ve learned from watching Enterprise or Voyager – time travel doesn’t happen in a linear fashion.  The Daniels we meet in Cold Front isn’t the first time we’ve met him – that actually comes later – from his point of view.  The same goes for Seven of Nine’s (and Prime Nine’s after future Nine dies) repeated incursions in Relativity.  And don’t get me started about causality loops in The Year of Hell, parts 1 and 2.

I feel a canon headache coming on…

Many Bothans’ died bringing this information to me (or haven’t yet, or won’t die depending on your interpretation of temporal incursions).  Time streams can be messy before the sort themselves out.

If Agents of Yesterday is an expansion about time travel, then it can’t have a traditional arc of episodes. That content will happen in the past, your present and in the future.  For that reason, we won’t necessarily see episodes, one after another in chronological order.  And I’m just talking about the content – not anything else already leaked.  It’s not just a replay.  The time stream is fickle, and not everything Agents of Yesterday has been revealed.

But, but, but how and where will they appear?  Muah-ha-ha… I don’t know, as the leak isn’t telling more.

So relax.  I’m as impatient as everyone else.  The fact that I have played more episodes in the future, or rather will play, should be of no concern to me yesterday 😉

Now excuse me, I need some Advil.



Also – my friend Timberwolf has just published another interview with Producer Maria Rosseau aka ZeroniusRex Round 2!!!  Worth a look:


10 thoughts on “Confirmation about AoY content from a reliable source

  1. Yeah, they don’t all have to be in order; that’s fine. However, Geko said that the TOS faction is AT LEAST as much of a faction as the Romulans are, and the Romulans have 20+ faction SPECIFIC episodes. So either Geko was lying, or they are going to be adding another AT LEAST another 15 TOS faction SPECIFIC episodes somewhere else in the mission journal.


    1. Or maybe, just maybe, the number of episodes have nothing to do with a faction being a faction or not.


  2. I can only hope they have an episode on drozana while the devidian crisis is happening beause that would be so meta


  3. Now this is without knowing any spoilers of playing the first 6 episodes and only what I have referenced from what others have said. If there is anything wrong with my statement it is only because I have not experienced the content myself and supposedly there is more episodes and or content to be released. So if I am wrong I have not problem admitting it.

    My biggest concern from what I have read from others (SPOILER – is that after level 10 we get placed into the current time and now are using current technology.) So no more free TOS ships and we are required to change our uniform from the TOS to a current uniform. If this is the case (without knowing all the details) I am required to purchase the Temporal Special Agent Pack and the TOS uniform to continue my immersion as a TOS character up to and beyond level 40. That does not sound like content is always free. As all other factions have free ships up to that level and can continue to use your starting uniform for your whole play through.

    This is what has me concerned me about what I have read and the TOS “Faction” as an expansion.


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