Fair Warning: Event Ships Currency & Exclusivity Changes Inbound


With the Summer Risian Event just a few weeks away, and the Crystalline Entity almost complete – Star Trek Online has updated the currency options for major (ship) prizes.  The changes are not a nerf, but contain both a decent compromise and an unfortunate change.  Here’s a summary of the changes to the currencies that impact ship rewards:

  • Event ship rewards are no longer ‘exclusive’.   Previously before you could open this year’s summer ship reward project, you had to finish or close out last years ship.  Now you can can have multiple ships open in the event tab of reputation.
    Thoughts: This is a nice bonus.  No need to miss out because you still have last years ship.
  • Currencies used will be year-specific ONLY.  Previously you could use this year’s currencies to pay off last years event ship.  All currencies will be tied to the year they are released.  If you missed out on completing the ship, additional currency can be bought from the Lobi Store.
    Suggestion: Not a fan of this move.  The event ships are good, but I question if they are ‘Lobi Store’ Good.  Lobi are the frequent flyer points for those who buy a lot.  My preference would be to allow any currency be used to finish them – BUT – only ‘new’ currency could be used for this year’s ship avoiding the hoarding issue.  Or,  could these be added to the dilithium store as well?  Sure they would be ridiculously expensive (500K +), but it would be another option for F2P players.
  • Open ship events will NOT be autoremoved from your event list. This was announced earlier this year and was met with some serious consternation from the fans.  In addition to being a very ‘unfriendly’ move by STO, it proved to be technically not achievable.
    Thank You: Glad you relented – or rather – the code relented 😉

These changes do not impact:

  • Ships will remain account-wide.  Once you finish a project, it’s unlocked/available for all of your alts.
  • Other non-ship event currencies (shards, interdimensional do-dads, lohlunat favors) can still be collected and used the following year.  Note that while Star Trek Online hasn’t commented on this, it could change at any time.

The original forum post:


Hi all,

We wanted to let you all know that we will be making some changes to the way we handle our Event Projects and Currencies. For the sake of thoroughness, we will be outlining the availability of these projects and their currencies. Some of the notes below are not changes, and have been marked as such. Here’s what you need to know:

  • All Event ship projects from previous years that aren’t already slotted cannot be started – This is not a change
  • All Event ship projects from previous years that are already slotted will remain slotted – This is not a change
  • All Event Voucher currencies from previous years (e.g.: Lohlunat Prize Voucher (2015)) already owned by the player will remain in the player’s inventory – This is not a change
  • All Event ship projects from previous years (up to 6th Anniversary Event) that are already slotted will require the last currency for that event:
    • Old Winter Event ship projects will require Winter Prize Voucher (2015)
    • Old Summer Event ship projects will require Summer Prize Voucher (2015)
    • Old Anniversary Event ship projects will require 6th Anniversary Prize Vouchers
  • The above older currencies can be purchased from the Lobi store for the normal price. This currency will be made available year round.
  • All projects released after the 6th Anniversary will require the currency for that year. In other words in the 2017 Winter Event:
    • The 2017 Winter Event Ship will require Winter Prize Vouchers (2017)
    • The 2016 Winter Event Ship will require Winter Prize Vouchers (2016)
    • All old Winter Event Ships will require Winter Prize Vouchers (2015)
  • Event ship projects are no longer mutually exclusive – This is a partial change. Some events had mutually exclusive projects, others did not.
  • These changes only apply to our Anniversary, Summer and Winter Event projects and currencies.


In the 2015 Summer Event blog it was stated that old event currencies and old event ship projects would be removed from the player. Why have you changed your mind on this plan?

There were two key factors that caused us to deviate from the original plan here:

1) We had concerns that automatically removing a partially completed ship project from a player might leave them frustrated. Players might feel like their time was wasted, and this feeling would be compounded by not having any alternative way of completing the project once the currency for it is no longer available.

2) We’ve encountered some technical hurdles that prevented us from doing this in a way that would both accomplish our goals and provide a good player experience.

What is your reasoning behind making event ships no longer mutually exclusive?

Our goal here was to make sure that players know that a new ship project is available. Let’s say you still have the Ferengi Nandi Warship reputation project from the 2015 Summer Event still slotted. This means that when the next Summer Event ship project becomes available you wouldn’t see the project. We feel that this isn’t an ideal player experience, so we’ve removed that limitation.

A side effect of this is that you can theoretically have every ship project slotted in your available project slots and in an incomplete state. This will require the player to have to cancel a project in order to pick up a new one.

Will there ever be a means to acquire Event Currencies from previous years, other than purchasing them with Lobi?

No. Once an Event ends, the currencies associated with that event’s project may only be acquired from the Lobi Store.

Phil “Gorngonzolla” Zeleski
Lead Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

3 thoughts on “Fair Warning: Event Ships Currency & Exclusivity Changes Inbound

    1. They did. Now you can start one and still add one next year if you don’t complete it. That’s what they mean by exclusive. I think they should re-offer the old ships at some point in some other manner


      1. As long as they do not offer all previous years event projects, it is exclusive by definition. Because new players joined after the event still have NO means to get the ships they want.
        It a good sign they try to find a middle ground without piss off the management or the player base. But TBH, this is really an half ass change that probably would piss off both…..
        Still, I am just glad they at least didn’t out right ignore the players this time.


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