Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort Review

Lootcritter here: Timberwolf is back offering his take on this Summer’s event ship and includes a budget build example for the ship to help new players.  Check out my review for the Xyfius here.

As always Timberwolf is a great source of information and new contributor over at The Pilot Review Show.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube channel.

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This ship is very….unique in design to me. It’s almost hypnotic, especially with the right visual set on her. But for what she is designed to be as a escort, the design looks amazing…sleek, streamlined, and yet deadly. Not much is known about the Vorgon, but at least they have a keen eye for starship design. With my past tests of the Baltim Raider and the Steamrunner, I felt ready to put this ship through her paces, but I decided to take a different route for this test. I built a budget build around her and her go to energy type, Tetryon. Since the console she comes with boosts Tetryon damage, and with plenty of Tetryon boosts in the game, it seems fitting to see what could be done on a budget with a heavy escort setup that this has.

She honestly surprised me!! Given that the console gives both a 25% category 1 boost to Tetryon damage and 8% critical severity, with a activation that is basically Probe pets, its actually a good console to keep and use with this ship! Using the budget build listed in the video, she was still an agile and deadly predator, even in Infected Space Advanced [ Yes I died once during the run, but things happen 🙂 ]. The combination of a gravity well, Override subsystem safeties 2, and fire at will proved to be quite effective with this budget build, so definitely worth saving up and collecting this gear while you are doing your dailies and the race on Risa. Below is the video, with the budget write up in the description:

So as you can see, a bit squishy, but deadly! Quite a bit of damage output, plus decent survival (so long as you dont collect too much threat in this build)… All in all, a ship that I would add to any collection and test out with your own piloting abilities. This might be the perfect escort vessel for someone you cant afford the high priced Lobi, Lockbox, or C-store escort out there. So don’t miss out on this ship, I promise it’s worth having and plus its an admiralty card too !!

One thing of note: The Console states in works on Any Vorgon starship, which means there are more Vorgon ships coming…. so stay on the lookout for new Vorgon ship on the horizon with Agents of Yesterday.

Until next time, Timberwolf is signing off.


Budget Build

  • Quantum Phase Space set (Shield, Deflector, Engines) — Three runs of “Stormbound” Free
  • Elite fleet plasma core – 14K fleet credits, 12.7K dilithium
  • Tetryon tactical consoles (MK XII Very Rare) x 5 = 5 runs of “Midnight” free
  • Harasser Probe console = Free with the Vorgon Heavy Escort
  • Proton Weapon set (console,beam, torpedo): 30K EC, 15K dilithium, 500 Dyson marks, and 2 Cybernetic Implants each
  • MK XII Restorative Particle consoles (DrainX)x2 1 console – 5K fleet credits and 2K dilithium
  • Temporal Disentanglement console and Anti Chroniton Omni – Two runs of “Butterfly Effect” free
  • Assimilated Module: 30K EC, 15K dilithium, 500 omega marks
  • Zero Point Energy Console: 30K EC, 15K dilithium, 500 romulan marks
  • Conductive RCS with CrtlX mod (MK XII Ultra Rare) = can be crafted or currently 250K on the exchange
  • Hyper-Dual Refracting Tetryon Dual beam bank: 30K EC, 15K dilithium, 500 nukara marks
  • Piercing Dual Tetryon Beam Bank: Three runs of “Installation 18” free

Total budget: 430K EC, 104K dilithium, 19K fleet credits, 1,500 dyson marks, 500 borg/romulan/nukara marks, 6 Cybernetic Implants

  • Over a period of 14 days, you can have the full refined dilithium amount
  • Over a period of 7 days, you can have the full EC amount needed through gear drop sells, Foundry Loot-a-matic runs, and selling mission rewards
  • Over the course of 10 to 14 days, you can have the full amount of reputation currency via Sector Red Alerts (Nakuhl, Tholian, Borg {to help with dilithium collection}), and instances like Dyson Ground battlezone for marks and the elite marks.
  • The fleet credits can be the hardest, but a lot of fleets can run Unload Surplus Fleet marks project on their starbase to unload mass amounts of Fleet marks quickly and fleet marks are easily collected from the Na’kuhl red alerts, Fleet Alert, and CCA

This build can be easily upgraded as is or with newer parts to be a very good high end build

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3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Timberwolf: Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort Review

  1. I am still waiting to get my hands on this particular ship — the slow race style — but I am enjoying that people are happy with that console. I am a mine-person (I like pets and mines, although mines are garbage right now) and the concept of harasser probes appeals to me.

    I also love my Nicor-class Biodestroyer and that’s an escort-like ship, so i suspect I might like this sort of ship for a little while. Since ordinarily I am a cruiser or a dreadnought captain, I need something on the side to satisfy the urge to just run screaming through explosions and shoot everything.

    I also like that Timberwolf works with budget-builds, I have been sending a lot of new players to his videos because they have very little EC to their names and want to understand how builds work. Being able to show that it’s possible to make a strong build for almost-free based on rewards and low-cost weapons/consoles really makes for an excellent teaching tool.


  2. I tank better on this than I do with my T5 Sovereign (obviously one tier lower). I also did 31k on ISA with it set up as an AP Beamboat without the Harraser Probes console, though now I am looking into making a Tetryon build that will incorporate the console that comes with it.


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