On the road to Star Trek Las Vegas 2016 #STLV50


Hi all –

Well, the event is finally here – Star Trek Las Vegas 2016.  Six nights and seven days of 105° dry heat, Trekkies, cosplay, events and way-too-much alcohol.  Timberwolf has already arrived, Scott is driving madly across the plains and TeacherKirby is due to arrive Wednesday. Planning for this trip started over a year ago, and while I’m not attending with media credentials (’cause I’m going as a fan), I will report as often as possible about any announcements for Star Trek Online and the new series – should anything be revealed.

My cosplay theme for this year is ‘Betazoid Wedding’.  Taking bets how long it will take to get arrested…. (just kidding of course).

Chances are I’ll tweet (https://twitter.com/LootCritter) anything before I post it here.

If you’re en route, I do plan to be at the ‘Meet the Devs’ Party at iBar on Friday night, and I will swing by the Pilot Review Show booth (and others) throughout the show.  I also plan to check out the P1 Event (Roddenberry Stage at Quark’s Bar on Saturday, August 6 at 2:00pm PDT) for some much-needed libation and laughter.

At the event, your best method to contact me is via twitter (lootcritter@lootcritter) or via email lootcritter@outlook.com.  I’ll try to answer in a reasonable timeframe – except during the obligatory visits to In-N-Out Burger and the beef coma that will follow.  Yeah – I don’t have them where I live.

Bringing business cards, of course – with a few timely custom backs:



See you soon!


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