Enter to Win a TOS Holographic Boff Set – I’m giving away 5 ;) #STLV50 @TrekOnlineGame


Hi All –

Do you want one?  I know you do.


I may be a few days before I post my Convention Recap – but that’s no reason why I should delay the Giveaway.  So here we go:

Contest Rules:

  1. The contest is open to anyone with an active STO account. To enter, reply to this blog post with your in-game name and handle and country of origin in the comments below.
    e.g. lootcritter@ddesjardins, Canada
    Note now bolded: your name may NOT automatically appear in the comments 😉 but will be visible to me. Don’t worry, I manually approve all posters.
  2. Limit of one entry per account or IP address.
  3. This contest will be open for 7 days, with a deadline for final entries of Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 at midnight PST to give everyone a chance to enter.
  4. Contest Drawing will be Thursday Evening, August 18th.
  5. Canadian winners will have to answer a skill-testing question, *cause Canadians like rules.
  6. A code will be emailed to you in-game.  You will not be receiving the lovely card example above.

Thanks again to Cryptic and Perfect World for the codes!


By the way – if you don’t see your name after replying – relax, I do.  I’m on the road for business, and can’t approve all entries more than 1x a day (traveling).  As of Saturday evening the total number of entries was over 800 – so if you see less than that, you’re likely waiting to be approved 😉 – Lootcritter.




738 thoughts on “Enter to Win a TOS Holographic Boff Set – I’m giving away 5 ;) #STLV50 @TrekOnlineGame

  1. Vandehl@Random48293


    I tried once and the site says a comment was posted but do not see it here. Sorry if it is posted twice. I searched all the visible comments.


  2. T’Lor@slinkiisu

    Merrie Olde England where we all sip tea and have terrible teef, mate. Third planet in the Sol system, Beta Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy.


  3. Wasington@collossustitan – Australia, tried looking for mine again but it didn’t seem to appear even after checking all 700 or so. Just reposting incase it never appeared.


      1. in that case sorry; i imagined they simply browse the net looking for handles. But do they mine the exchange? selling cheap to get more names doesn’t sound smart.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s actually more common than you’d think.

        I regularly work the exchanges; from selling drops of decent gear, to selling my crafted wares, to flipping skill pads and consumables. I regularly see account names of purchasers, show up a day or week later as the same account offering keys at a discount. These are the disposable accounts of people who want to work outside, and against STO’s user policy, to make money. Also whenever I open lockboxes, I routinely get inquiries from people offering to ‘factor’ my wins – translation, would I like real cash for them? My account name is visible to the entire game, and it’s not that complicated to run a scrape of the myriads of private and public chat channels.

        If there’s a will, there’s a way. Just because I (or you) don’t necessarily see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen 😉


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