9 thoughts on “STLV50 Holoboff Set Giveaway Winners List

  1. 4 of the winners were within the boundaries of the usa, that totally sucks when we outside of the usa could never get the chance to gain these, what a load of shit…


    1. Ok Connor –

      Well – 3 were US and considering that 85% of my player base that follows my blog is US-based, the numbers are in line. One turned out to be from the EU – awesome. One was Canadian – even more awesome since Canadians usually miss out too! BTW – we are NOT Americans 😉 We are a lot like Australians, we share many of the same cool things about our country (Queen, Parliamentary Democracy, Health Care).

      I’ve not been to Melbourne. But I am planning to visit next year (assuming work doesn’t stop me).

      I numbered the entries. Used a random number generator.

      You didn’t enter the contest with this account or from this IP address. You can’t win if you don’t enter.


  2. Ooh a fleetmate congratulated me on winning and I didn’t even notice a mail.
    I think I deleted the mail by accident maybe…I tend to delete things like mad (exchange mails ugh). Oops?


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