Guest Blogger Timberwolf: T6 Temporal Light Cruiser Review

Lootcritter here:  Timberwolf is back with the first of two parts on the new T6 Connie (Temporal Light Cruiser) with a broadside cruiser build.


As always Timberwolf is a great source of information and new contributor over at The Pilot Review Show.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube channel.

Part 1 : Broadside Cruiser Style

::Begin Transmission::

OK, to start off, I never expected to get this ship. Considering it is a uber-rare drop from R&D packs in the c-store has driven the price of this ship to anywhere from 950 million to 1.5 billion ec in the trading channels only. However, a great friend of mine got lucky and got more than one, so I got mine as a gift. Gotta say, this ship does make me happy 🙂

First off, it can use the TOS Constitution skin (which is nice), but can also use the Excalibur, Exeter, and the long forgotten  (for good reason IMO) Vesper skins, which is a great thing since all three design are from the current Era. So I chose the design that first drew me to the game, the Excalibur, and headed out to see what this out of time, newly enhanced ship could do.

Budget Build

Starting off, I tried out a budget build using retrofit phaser beam arrays for a more RP feel to her setup, considering that they start out with decent mods and they are easy to get. I figured with her boff layout I could utilize both gravity well and timeline collapse for a good control build that would allow for a good grouping when I slid to my broadside and started firing. Man, she didn’t disappoint!!! Right off the bat, I knew this ship had great potential. She tore through Borg, Tholian, Naussicans, and anything else I tried, which was surprising for a budget build setup. Her console, the Ominous Device, was great in tests for her passive Category 1 damage boost and when activated, the debuff to resists/buff to shield damage was really nice, though it is best when your targets are grouped together and you are close to them as well, so be careful! Her starship trait, Built to Last, is a great alternate version of Emergency Weapon Power based off of heals instead of emergency power abilities. Stacking both traits will be a treat. After I tested her in ISA(Infected Space Advanced), I realized why!

Full Broadside Build

A random pug run, hitting for just shy of 45k DPS! I blinked several times and stared at the screen for a minute in disbelief. I mean, this was a budget build anyone could collect in 10 days or so and she survived the run well and threw out a lot of power!! At that moment, I decided to see what she could do with my high end broadside set, so I equipped my Iconian 4 piece set and my Coalition disruptors, before heading out to starbase 24. The raw power she had packed into her size now was amazing. The 20 man instance was a breeze, so I knew I had to test her damage output and survival in a ISA PUG. Omg, she is a top contender! While the run was a longer one than normal (5+ minutes), she hit for almost 106k DPS and she never really reached a point where she was in threat of needing heals. I sat, once again, in disbelief as I went over the parse. For the high end test, I switched out timeline collapse for Recursive Shearing and man does that ability hit hard. It is definitely worth using, especially on heavy targets.

Below is the video of both tests::

So, in closing, this ship can pack a huge punch in a small frame for a cruiser. The best analogy I can think of in the Defiant, only packaged as a cruiser. While I might not agree with her pricing or her limited availability, she will be a shining star in the hands of players who are lucky enough to get one. Next time, we will test her ability to act as an escort with a heavy forward firing build using Omnis and dual beam banks. Until then, this is Timberwolf, signing off 🙂

::End Transmission::

8 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Timberwolf: T6 Temporal Light Cruiser Review

  1. Just want to say.
    Even sell off every thing. MAJORITY of the players won’t be able to get it.
    So, for those of us poor bastards. Sucks to be us, right?


    1. No, I wish it was more available/affordable for all. Just trying to show options and give my thoughts on a great ship 🙂


  2. I get the frustration. The one ship the player base has been clamouring for over 5 years, and when it comes, it’s the hardest-to-get lottery ship.

    What would have been better was offer a T5 ship in the Z-Store, and still offer the T6 in the packages – that way everyone could get something.


  3. Timberwolf, unlike others, I’m not going to ignore the subtle warning signs. You just spoke negatively of the Vesper-class, my first love during STO’s open beta. Something -dreadful- must be afflicting you.

    I just want to say that if you need help, we are here for you. You are very appreciated by a great many people; don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We only want the best for you. 🙂


    1. Well I was never fond of the Vesper class, but that Excalibur…Mmmmmmmmm.

      Also thank you for the support! I’m not sure who you are, based on the name here, but thank you 🙂


  4. Regulus: I wish the ship was more available to all players honestly. I agree with Lootcritter’s idea 100%. It’s not a sucks to you guys, just trying to show how good she is and if you do have it, the options you can have building her

    Sven: you should like the name, you donated the ship!!!!

    Zoberraz: thank you for the support!! Sorry, but I’ve never liked the Vesper design…but that Excalibur design is what drew me into the game. Also I don’t recognize your name, so I wouldn’t know how to reach out for any help, but thank you for that offer 🙂


  5. Hi Timberwolf, nice to see a few good people left in this world. That must be a really good friend. Most people want an extremely lot for it… Ship seems to be more lovely than I hoped. I really hope that one day they’ll put it to the Zen store or fleet ship selection at leaste…


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