Guest Blogger Timberwolf: T6 Temporal Light Cruiser Review – Part II

Lootcritter here:  Timberwolf is back with the second part  of his new T6 Connie (Temporal Light Cruiser) with a broadside cruiser build.


As always Timberwolf is a great source of information and new contributor over at The Pilot Review Show.  If you’re looking for advice I recommend you check out his YouTube chan

Part 2 : Forward firing Escort style

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First, a recap of the first review intro, in case you haven’t read it yet :

OK, to start off, I never expected to get this ship. Considering it is a uber-rare drop from R&D packs in the c-store has driven the price of this ship to anywhere from 950 million to 1.5 billion ec in the trading channels only. However, a great friend of mine got lucky and got more than one, so I got mine as a gift. Gotta say, this ship does make me happy 🙂

First off, it can use the TOS Constitution skin (which is nice), but can also use the Excalibur, Exeter, and the long forgotten  (for good reason IMO) Vesper skins, which is a great thing since all three design are from the current era. So I chose the design that first drew me to the game, the Excalibur, and headed out to see what this out of time, newly enhanced ship could do. Side note: Her console, the Ominous Device, was great in tests for her passive Category 1 damage boost and when activated, the debuff to resists/buff to shield damage was really nice, though it is best when your targets are grouped together and you are close to them as well, so be careful! Her starship trait, Built to Last, is a great alternate version of Emergency Weapon Power based off of heals instead of emergency power abilities. Stacking both traits will be a treat!

Now on to the new stuff 🙂

Budget Build

Alright, so after her broadside testing, I looked over how she was flying in the runs and realized and there was a good chance that an escort style dual beam bank build could work on her as well. I start digging through my budget gear for my escorts and found some great budget weapons from the story mission “Ragnarok” in three different damage types (Phaser,Disruptor,Plasma). Deciding on disruptors, I ventured out and was set on proving that this could work well.

High End Build

Wow! Now while the piloting was different and a little challenging based on cruiser physics, I was able to make her maneuverable enough to be effective with an escort build in the patrols and red alerts. After slowly getting used to her in this capacity, I decided to take her into an Infected Space run to fully test her damage output and survival with the budget build….and I was once again surprised!!! Almost 44K and she held up well! It was a nice surprise, but then the wheels started turning in my brain…..and I rushed to K-7 and equipped my best escort gear on her, from Herald AP dual beams to the Iconian set and Aeon fighters, then turned around and flew straight into a Starbase 24. Those Klingons didn’t stand a chance! She was just as deadly with this build as she was with the beam arrays and broadsiding! So, it came time to parse the damage output and survival in an Infected Space run. Man, she didn’t disappoint, considering she hit for about 95K and didn’t die!!! Recursive Shearing on this build hit for even harder on the max one hit category, and it felt natural to fly her like an escort as well, which was a great comfort.

Below is the video of both tests::

So, in closing, this ship is more than capable to pack a punch and survive built like an escort or a cruiser. I can see people honestly experimenting with build setups on this ship and succeeding due to it versatility. I, in advance, congratulate anyone lucky enough to lock down this ship, she is quite a fun beast to pilot.

Until next, Timberwolf is warping out 🙂

::End Transmission::

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Timberwolf: T6 Temporal Light Cruiser Review – Part II

  1. How do you get Aeon fighters on it? It’s not a carrier or a flight deck cruiser. x_x

    Also, stop belittling my Vesper-class baby cruiser, you! =P


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