Fleet Holding First Look: K-13 Consoles, Kit Modules, Traits, Androids and TOS-Themed Weapons

UPDATED Again: TOS Bridge Officers, Hidden Easter Eggs in orbit, Stacking Skill Boost Doffs, 23rd C Training Manuals (YAY) and SEXY ANDROID Boffs now added.

K-13 has finally made its way to the Tribble Test server, offering up a first-hand view of the upcoming kits, consoles (OMG Penetration), and gear.  This first post contains fairly hi-res images – you’ve been warned – sorry for the long load times.

Note: details are subject to change before it comes to Holodeck.

Oh, and go check out the Encounter at Farpoint entities in orbit of the planet.  This one is mine.  I’ve named him ‘Jelly’.  Also – rogue asteroids, that when destroyed attract Gekli…


Fleet Holding:

Currently, temp images are used for the holding. This fleet holding has three tiers as expected.






Interior Map:


Interior Shots:


Trait Enhancements:

This is new – it appears to be Upgrades to existing personal space and ground traits for your character.  How much of an improvement I’ll leave for the math team.



Five new kit modules based on weapons from classic TOS episodes.




Works against the borg.  1-shot kills on Deferra.




Spent 20 min on Deferra with this thing – it never left my side except to aggressively attack the borg.  It didn’t stop.  It didn’t get damaged.  It dominated.  Unfortunately, I think it may be too OP (please stay as is, please stay as is)



M$ stopped an entire wave of Borg on his own. WOW – likely not working as intended.




My new favorite thing (by looks) in the game.  And it hovers up and down, just like in the episode.



very situational.  If you want to ‘stop’ an NPC – it’s helpful, just not sure how that might be used effectively.



Three categories of modules, each with variations of hull hardness, weapon penetration, power transfer and turn rates. (Missing one image).



Ground Weapons:

In addition to a full range of Advanced Fleet ground weapons available elsewhere, we now have access to TOS themed weapons.

Update – Type 3 and Disrupter minigun are in the list.


Space Weapons:

Advanced fleet versions of the new dual array, nd single array, as well as the traditional selection of advanced fleet weapons.


Stacking Skill Boost DOFFs

This is a nice surprise.  Duty offers that add a stacking bonus to existing Commander, Lt Commander, and Lieutenant skills.



23rdC Skill Manuals



Androids that only Harry Mudd could be proud of.  The versions have different seduction abilities based on their gender.


TOS Bridge Officers :


21 thoughts on “Fleet Holding First Look: K-13 Consoles, Kit Modules, Traits, Androids and TOS-Themed Weapons

  1. I am super excited for this holding. Just wish I had a T6 Connie to use the Fleet Weapons on 😦 The new engineering consoles look interesting as well as the doffs.


  2. Do the M4 and Nomad drones share a cooldown with each other or they separate? Are they also separate from the normal seeker and support drones? Can I field a drone army now?


    1. No idea – only tested them on a Tac, they did not appear to work together inside K-13, and on ground the M4 told me not to activate any others than himself, because he’d destroy them due to their inferior nature. 😉


      1. That’s until somebody figures out how to spam M4’s, that way there are no inferior drones to compete with.


  3. Thanks for sharing. Personally I’m not impressed with the new holding and what it offers. Though I worry about the PEN console, some weapon traits, and the drones (ground battles now is just NPC spam).

    But what annoys me the most is the TOS/23c Manuals. Granted the prices aren’t their actual costs, but even 1000 Fleet Credits is asking too much for a manual that only offers a simple different graphic over an existing manual that only costs 100,000 EC at the training vendor. Does Cryptic forget how hard it is for players to earn Fleet Credits?

    Personally, they should’ve gave those Smugglers some use and have them sell TOS manuals than weapons nobody cares about.


  4. Our dear Leader of the TBC has already got a spread sheet saying how long and what it will take to complete asap…. can’t wait n great read ❤


  5. Looking at the new BOFFs and other toys there’s some fun there. A few questions:

    1. Are Feds able to grab 23c Klingon or 23c Romulan BOFFs (presuming there is one) to join their crews? Or is it restricted?

    2. What is the space trait of an Engineering BOFF? I see the tactical and the science. I’d assume a hull and shield buff of some type, either in regen or straight points.

    3. Any other little treats, like say a Romulan cloaking device? M4 looks hilariously punchy but at first I thought Romulan cloaking device.

    I’m sure there’s others but those just sit at the top of my mind. This update seems super exciting. I’m most partial to the old style ground and space weapons. My T6 Connie will be lots of fun to fly.


    1. Nope, Feds can only get Fed boffs, Human, Vulcan, Andorian, and Tellarite. Unfortunately the personnel officer seems to be bugged right now, offering gear instead of boffs/doffs, so I can’t verify that there are no Romulans but I don’t think there are.


  6. My biggest point of confusion is, what’s the difference between the 23rd century training manuals and the ‘normal’ ones? Is it a matter of visuals?


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