Finally! Upgradeable Kits – Tribble Patch Notes offer insights on new systems improvements.


The Tribble patch notes posted by ColdSnapped earlier this afternoon offer our first good look at the massive changes incoming for kits.  No more modules on a belt, kits are equipped directly to your character on the status page.  Modules and ‘Kits’  offer passive bonuses and can be upgraded.

The other big news is that fleet holding items like contraband, torpedoes and commodities have been replaced with simple EC requirements.  Fan-fracking-tastic 😉

Tribble has been updated to: ST.66.20160925a.2

New Features:

New Fleet Holding: Starbase K-13

Kit Revamp:

  • Kits and Kit Modules have been revamped to change how Kit Modules are equipped and to support Upgrading.
  • Characters no longer put Kit Modules into a Kit, but directly equip them on their Status page.
  • Kits now only give passive skill increases.
    • Kits with unique effects will continue to provide those effects
    • Kit Modules can still be equipped to give distinct abilities
  • Characters may now equip 5 Kit Modules regardless of level.
    • The distinctions between Fabrication / Mechanic, Research / Medic, and Strategic / Assault Kit Modules have been removed.
  • Kits and most Kit Modules can now be Upgraded.
    • Kits can be upgraded to a maximum of Mk 14 Gold Quality.
    • Standard Kit Modules can be upgraded to a maximum of Mk 14 Ultraviolet Quality.
    • Kits Modules from Lockboxes, Reputations, and the Winter / Summer Events can be upgraded in Mk, but not Quality.
    • All copies of these Kit Modules will be set to Gold Quality.
    • Specialization Kit Modules, as well as Crystalline Spike, Jam Subspace Transmissions, Chroniton Jolt, and Subspace Rift cannot be Upgraded.


  • Fleet Holdings: The various Commodity, except for Contraband, and item requirements such as torpedoes, devices, etc for fleet holding projects have been converted into a single Energy Credit entry.
    • Any partially completed projects will have their commodity/item requirements removed and replaced with an Energy Credit requirement and the associated progress will be lost.
    • Contraband will remain a unique entry.
  • Companions better match speed with player when player is walking slowly.
  • Animation with interacting with chairs has been slightly improved.
  • Added more waypoints for mission steps in episodes such as:
    • The Hunt is On
    • Tradecraft to Azha System
    • Blood of the Empire
    • Bringing Down the House
    • Temporal Ambassador
    • Heading Out
    • Elwing, Dubhe, Lilsis, and Shahr System Patrols
  • Updated the minimum rank on Federation 2800 missions to match previous Cardassian missions as well as the Klingon equivalents.
  • Resolved an issue where Go Down Fighting could have generic power icon.
  • Updated the speed of non-targetable torpedoes to be faster.
    • This is only an update to the FX, not a functional change.
    • The speed of targetable torpedoes has not changed.

Known Issues:

  • Graphics update is still a work in progress.
  • Starbase K-13 is still a work in progress.
  • Incorrect text can be seen for missions in the mission tracker.

One thought on “Finally! Upgradeable Kits – Tribble Patch Notes offer insights on new systems improvements.

  1. You missed:

    New Romulus rep missions are now in the mission journal.
    Kobali adventure zone missions are now in the mission journal.


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