The Tier 6 Sovereign Bundle

Lootcritter here: My fleetmate Locutus has put together a review of the T6 Sovy set, including the Whiz Kids Command variant.  I have a review pending myself, so in the meantime I highly recommend you check out his review.

Or maybe more accurately, the Tier 5.66 Sovereign Bundle.  With the dawn of a TOS Constitution Tier 6, you just know that Cryptic was going to eventually get a Tier 6 Sovy out the door for people t…

Source: The Tier 6 Sovereign Bundle

2 thoughts on “The Tier 6 Sovereign Bundle

  1. Did the WizKids T6 Sovy just disappear into the ether? After the first notice of its release (and immediate unavailability), I have not seen any sign of any more of them existing.


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