Blast from the Past: TOS-Era Jayce’s Navy Interstellar

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What? Did you think the Cryptic Cat was the only one writing and designing? We had Agents of Yesterday and the 50th Anniversary! So to celebrate those milestones, here’s a FULL issue of Jayce’s from the 23rd Century, recently recovered from a ship near the neutral zone!

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Special thanks to Thomas Marrone for his unwavering support as usual, and our lovely host, Lootcritter, for his continued amazing editing skills and passion. I also want to give a very special thank you to Drogyn1701, who serves as our lead designer and editor on these endeavours. Drogyn spent the last several months researching magazines from the 1960s as well as the Franz Joseph Technical Manual for inspiration and stylistic accuracy.

Thank you as well to all our fans and followers who have read these pieces both by this team and by Thomas, and have stuck through everything STO has gone through, in thick and thin. You guys make passion projects like these possible. Also, thank you to Cryptic Studios for letting us write these little pet projects and congrats on Agents of Yesterday’s success.

And lastly, thank you to Star Trek, as a whole, for 50 years of amazing entertainment!

Previous Issues:

Updated: 2016-11-12, ’cause Redditor spellcheck happens 😉

2 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: TOS-Era Jayce’s Navy Interstellar

  1. I love the retro design in the layout and the art! Thanks for putting this together, it really adds that extra touch to everything that’s been done with Agents of Yesterday.


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