Lootcritter here: While I get situated in my new role, I don’t get to see the new release information in a timely fashion as I once did. Needless to say when I picked up my personal phone and saw this announcement – I seriously thought someone had accidentally posted the April Fools Joke a few weeks early. After the shock wore off – I shook my head and wondered what could possibly come next? The E-J was the first canon ship I disliked with a passion – it looked rushed and as it turns out – it was horribly rushed. The art team with STO have done their usual high-quality effort for each – they do look amazing. ZEFilms did an even more impressive job – and frankly, they really need to include moving images in their product announcements.

But I’m starting to wonder – what the heck is next? The canon well of ships is starting to run a little dry, and STOHeidy’s observations are accurate as hell.

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Have you dreamt of flying the unwieldy, ugly eyesore Enterprise-J in STO? Well, here’s your dream come true!

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2 thoughts on “Enterprise-LOLwot?

    1. It’s interesting for sure, fun to play etc. I’ve seen as many as six in earth orbit. I went for the Romulan version – the pets alone make it worthwhile- and pets are getting a boost in the rebalancing.


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