See ya in 10 minutes.

What can you accomplish in Star Trek Online in ten minutes?  As it turns out, quite a lot.  More importantly, you can earn rewards while doing things that normally have consequential rewards as well.  It’s a win-win for something we’d do anyway.

It’s like you’re getting paid twice for your efforts.

Now before I go down that path that some will see as discussing an exploit, or leverage an unseen mechanism in a way the developers had not visualised – let’s have a conversation about what constitutes an exploit.   Having been around since the move to F2P, I’ve seen and participated in many things that ultimately were identified as exploits.

This is not to say I sought out to exploit – but rather looked to where I could get the best return in terms of rewards for my in-game efforts.

In a nutshell – that’s every player in every MMO.  Find the best route to your objectives.  If it’s running the same three raids or STF’s over and over – that’s acceptable use of your time if 1.) the reward is right and 2.) it doesn’t take much effort or challenge.  The real question is that process interesting enough to keep me engaged.

In Star Trek Online, historically they have a liberal interpretation of what constitutes an exploit.  As they try to identify them quickly, understand the mechanics behind them and then release a patch that hopefully doesn’t impact other systems, they are cautious not to call them out.  A fictitious example might be that by consuming a certain fleet skill bonus, at the fleet dilithium holding, you triple your percentage chance when opening a Lockbox*.  Clearly, they would not want to communicate that to the player base.  The same applies to the next release of the wickedly successful Phoenix Lockbox.  It will never be advertised in advance because it would play havoc with the dilithium exchange, as players could easily exploit that knowledge.

The team at Star Trek Online is also cautious when to officially call something an exploit.  If it’s a widely accepted game mechanic – or worse – a constantly returning glitch that allows players to gain an advantage – the team is cautious when and where they draw the line.  Usually, a dev will let it ‘slip’ it’s an exploit in an unofficial channel.

I’ll add that my Romulan characters never take advantage of those extra duty officer opportunities – on purpose, that is – when that bug reoccurs at each seasons introduction.

I should also point out that the team at Cryptic takes a dim view of anyone sharing the details of an exploit – especially while they are still accessible.

So when is an exploit not an exploit?

If you’ve been an active player in the past 6 months you might have encountered some odd player behaviour during some limited-time special events.   Recently the game added Bozeman Montana as the site of the First Flight / First Contact Day celebration.  Well thought out, immersive for all factions, and fun for most players – it is an event worthy of the Star Trek franchise.  The best part was the snippet of ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ by Steppenwolf which happens during the launch phase of the ‘race’.  Clearly, the creative team put their hearts into the event.

It was fun for me until it became clear I didn’t need to play the game to earn the rewards.  Whether by intentional design, or flawed execution, players only had to stand there long enough to collect the reward.  Truthfully this aspect wasn’t initially visible – I had a fun time running around fighting interplanetary spiders while collecting parts.  It was a huge letdown when we realised that regardless of your effort, the final outcome was random.  In fact, even the quality could be achieved by spamming the ‘f’ key during the quality improvement test, and it was completely unnecessary.  You could ‘win’ regardless of the quality of your build.

Suddenly it wasn’t fun anymore.  “It” wasn’t even a game or an event.  The only thing fun about it was a glitch that would carry over it seemed at random intervals when you’re back on Earth Space Dock – and you’d launch your Phoenix rocket again.  That unintended consequence made me smile everytime that happened.

See Ya in 10 Minutes.

I didn’t think of it then, but what if instead of playing the special event, that I stood there and did my dailies?  Y’know the usual R&D progression for those toons not yet at 20 at every school.  The Admiralty missions with their generous rewards.  And of course, the duty officer assignments on the personal tab, and from the department heads.  Stuff I would normally do on each of my 14 alts, over and over, that is until my time in the game became less and less.  As a side note – 14 alts are way too many for a part time player.  But I digress…

Was that the intention of the event’s designers?  Create an event so stupid-easy that an AFKplayer could reap the same rewards as an engaged player by not playing?  I honestly don’t think so, but that type of game mechanic design has inadvertently crept into the current Mirror Invasion.

Time for an obligatory Wargames reference.

Mirror Invasion – game mechanics so badly thought out, it encourages exploitation you not to play.  And after years of complaining, I’m ok with it in private games.

That’s right.  I’m fine with having ten minutes of free time to catch up on my dailies, while I await the final phase of the special event.  Sometimes the station doesn’t even get attacked.  If you close the final five rifts in a certain way, the rewards are even higher.  No point in playing normals, advanced rewards are better, on average, than a fully engaged team on normal.   You win by not playing.  How that all works, the order in which you close the final five  – I won’t post here just in case this is an exploit.

I don’t believe that bad game design is an exploit.  Now to be clear, joining a pug and then going AFK with Mirror Invasion has been a problem since this version was introduced.  Some puggers have been taking advantage of other players, with a clear disregard for their teammates.  That’s a dick move, and something needs to be done.  I’ve whined about it for years.  But if all 5 clearly enter the premade knowing everyone will AFK, I don’t see the issue.  In fact, I’m enjoying the AFK group mentality.  I was going to my dailies anyways, so why not do it elsewhere in the game when it’s allowed by design?

Morally (if such a description could be applied here) is it wrong?  If someone leaves a fresh pie on their window sill to cool, would I take it?  Heck no – my mother raised me better than that.  That is stealing.  If someone built a bank with only 3 walls, would I enter the open side and help myself?  No sir, but the bank would have a hard time explaining why they lost the money through an exploit in their design.

“Lootcritter says it’s ok to exploit” isn’t what I’m saying here.  But when the design is so poor that it invites problems – you have to question the thought behind it.

  • How does the Mirror Invasion event improve a players experience?
  • Are we adding value to the game with it?
  • Are we proud of it?

My recommendation – give everyone who’s earned 1 Interdimensional do-dad the max reward, and pull the event with an apology. (Yeah, yeah, there’s only 2 days left.)  Give it a serious review, create something worthy of being repeated a few times yearly for players of all levels (yes, that means elite as well), and be proud of the result.

Now if you will excuse me, it’s time to do my dailies 😉

LF4M MIA AFK #thankyouverymuch

My Two Bits,



*I wonder how many people will be trying this by the end of the week 😉

6 thoughts on “See ya in 10 minutes.

  1. I’ll agree. If the game’s design is, “Hey, look, you don’t have to do anything to get reasonable rewards,” then it’s fine to AFK in private groups intending to do just that. (Though what dailies are you doing where you can AFK Mirror Invasion a whole 10 minutes and get caught up?)

    The First Contact event felt more like a labor of love for references and scenery than an actual event. I wouldn’t be surprised if they say, “Look, what we wanted was players to enjoy Bozeman, Montana without worrying about getting parts and pieces. Yes, this has an unintended side effect of allowing players to AFK and still get the max rewards, but *rewards weren’t the point.*”

    Obviously, though, there’s a huge difference between the First Contact event (“Don’t worry about quality and the timer, just enjoy the area and all the references to First Contact!”) and Mirror Invasion (“Closing portals is such a relatively small thing that we’ve put the majority of the rewards to the end of the queue, BUT STILL CLOSE THOSE PORTALS!”). One has the intention that you do something for better rewards (Mirror Invasion), and I speculate the other was intended for players to not worry about the queue itself (First Contact).

    But if Cryptic defines either as an exploit, that definition needs to change. It’s an exploit if you’re doing something that the system was never designed to do (for example, intentionally slotting a certain weapon and a console to buff it, but the console was clearly never meant to buff that weapon). In other words, violating the *letter* of the law.

    AFK’ing a queue is violating the *spirit* of the law. Yes, it was designed a certain way, but nothing said that the best strategy was to do *all* of it.

    Having said *all* that…yes, players in PUGs want to close the rifts, save the station, and take out that Mirror Dreadnought. That’s just as much “doing the queue the way it should be done” as it is RP’ing as the hero that saves the station. Both are fun! And a player who AFK’s there is just ruining that fun. You talk about theft of a pie in a windowsill…an AFK’er in a PUG steals from the fun of the PUG’er(s) who want to do the queue as intended.

    “Maybe it’s not about the destination….maybe it’s the journey!” That’s how the Mirror Invasion feels to me. As long as I get my “event currency” and a reasonable amount of Marks given that it’s a special event, I’m fine. I just want to *play*…because after all, this is a *game.*

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  2. The problem is that they haven’t changed these events and they don’t fix these exploits. I also think this has something to do with how STF is run these days. There is obviously a problem.. it takes forever to get some of these queues to pop.

    Plz.. fix this! Just fixing the look of the queues list isn’t a solution..


  3. I’m one of those who would do my dailies at the beginning of the mirror event, took maybe 2/3 minutes tops, then I’ll charge in. Problem was the first few minutes makes no difference to the end result.

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  4. I too used to wail and whine about Puggers AFKing in past Mirror Invasion events, but not anymore. I think I’ve come to realize that it’s tedious (especially if you run it on multiple toons), it’s time-consuming, and it really, really extends a player’s daily time commitment if they actively participate. Personally I don’t AFK during Mirror Invasion runs… unless I see at least two other players AFKing, then I’ll try to inform the team I will be doing the same. Which, by the way, only happened once during this current event.

    Upon hearing player complaints about idle times between closing all portals and spawning of the final phase, Cryptic chose unlimited portals as their solution. Frankly I think they missed the point: people weren’t asking for higher mark payouts — people were playing for the Interdimensional do-dads. They wanted to get rid of the timegate. They wanted to actively play/close portals and shorten the run, instead of being forced to spend 15 minutes on every toon! That’s what Cryptic should’ve done.

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  5. That’s right, why stop the portals when they make little difference, if say you stopped 40 and it would trigger the next phase and shorten the run great but the devs chose to have unlimited portals with the time gate. Sometimes I don’t think they understand the player mind set at all.


  6. I started playing STO 2014 and never heard that the Double DOff options for Romulans is a bug. For me it always was, and will be, a feature.

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