Dear Mr. Gecko, Your Game is Broken.

It used to be arguable, the only way to get high DPS was to “cheat”, hitting targets that healed themselves as you went from one target to the next.  Ezri Ryan just disproved that. With a smile.

What a way to start the year if you’re a #STO dev.

Dear Mr. Gecko,

Your game is broken.  It’s official, and there’s no denying you either don’t give a damn or simply don’t know how your changes impact the game.

That, or STF’s need a serious overhaul.

Unforeseen circumstances are one thing, but this is ridiculous.

We await with baited breath how you’re going to ‘improve the game’ for the next quarter.  May we suggest making the NPC’s 170x harder this time?  That way the next reputation can introduce XV to XVIII weapons, only achievable through a new R&D system where everyone has to start from scratch again?  Please?

Where do we go from here?


A Worried PWE Shareholder 😉

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