Conversations with the Lootcritter – Updated name and domain.

What started out as a personal vent over changes in Star Trek Online with the release of Delta Rising has in recent weeks evolved in ways I didn’t expect.  The original ‘infamous’ infographic and it’s follow up helped illuminate the changes which I and many others saw as damaging to the casual community.

It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one who thought this way.

My attitude has changed recently following the ascendance of our new STO Overlord, Salami_Inferno.  I have a lot more hope for the future of STO these days, but they still need to make a huge effort to bring back the casual players to the game.

It’s sad, but it took the death of Leonard Nimoy to bring back members of my fleet today.  They came to the one place they have shared a sense of community – Star Trek Online.  For a few hours today we shared stories about Mr. Nimoy, our families and whats happened since they left.  I want that sense of community back again.

Sometimes my commentary crosses a line. That wasn’t my intent when I started this blog.  I pick fights with people I think are bullying or griefing. Truthfully this blog was designed to allow me to say things in ways that would have gotten me banned from the Cryptic forums.  There are downsides to anonymity though, including today when I got my first formal threat from Starfleet Dental.  I’ve made the big time!

So starting today I’m changing the name of the blog to my original idea: Conversations with the Lootcritter, and I’m formalizing that relationship with a proper domain.

Assuming the transition occurs neatly, links etc. should remain the same.

What’s next?

A review of the R&D system from the view of a new player to Star Trek Online as well as established players.  Our thoughts on the highs and lows of Crafting in the twenty-whatever century, and a few suggestions to help make it better.

Hope you’ll stay along for the ride 😉

One thought on “Conversations with the Lootcritter – Updated name and domain.

  1. As a “new” player, I am looking forward to the R&D info. I’ve just been doing Research projects as I level, but will be at 50 very soon. So I’m not really sure how to get things going, considering crafting good X+ gear looks daunting.


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