#STO-5-ANN Update – Hang on to your BOFFS, and Omega Particle Tech not working as Intended.

Two quick updates:

Don’t Retire your Extra Bridge Officers quite yet.  Gecko confirmed in a tweet this evening that not all is functioning yet (like  those rare skills), but they’re coming soon.  Personally I’m loving the new system, but can’t help but wonder where the in-game communication was.  So many complaints in the channels, no amount of siding with Cryptic seems to soothe pissed off people.

Several players are reporting that the Omega Upgrades are NOT working as intended.  Several test conducted Saturday and Sunday find that they do NOT provide the 4x quality bonus as advertised:

dRFRk6pHere’s an example of tests currently from the bug forums:

Click on the image to see full size.
Click on the image to see full size.

Our Advice – don’t use them yet.  Wait for a fix before you are disappointed.

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