Spock Memorial Details – Tribble Patch Notes – 5/3/2015

As for the memorial – this sounds awesome.  Looking forward to seeing it when I get home from the office tomorrow.


  • Created a memorial for Spock as well as a tribute to some Star Trek icons no longer with us:
    • We have replaced the central structure on the fountain on Vulcan with a stone statue of Spock with the inscription “Live Long and Prosper.”
    • We have added the same statue to New Romulus with the inscription “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.
    • We have added a memorial plaque to ESD, Qo’Nos, and New Romulus Command for those of the Star Trek family who have passed.
      • Players will be able to interact with this memorial and read the names, the dates of their birth and passing, and a personal quote where possible.
    • Through the next week there will be black flags of mourning in Earth Spacedock, Qo’noS, and New Romulus.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing items named [Enhanced Engineering Systems] and [Enhanced Maneuvering Systems] to populate into some players’ Overflow bags upon map transfer.
    • These items can safely be deleted.
  • Made the quick-equip window twice its original size and added room for 3 more rows at the bottom for a total of 8.


  •  “Dust to Dust” is now a standard episode.
    • This is found as the last episode in the Delta Quadrant arc.
    • This mission is now set to level 60.
  • Resolved an issue where players were sometimes not receiving rewards for the Crystalline Catastrophe PvE queue.
  • All Delta Quadrant and Tau Dewa Sector Patrol systems reward 480 Dilithium for completion.
  • Decreased the Borg Red Alert cooldown to 30 minutes.
  • Added a 5 Year Anniversary Perk for taking part in the scanning for Omega Particles mission.
    • This will retroactively apply for all players who participated since this event is now over.


  • Resolved an issue which was preventing “EPS Power Transfer” from benefiting from the effects of “All Hands on Deck”.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Cruiser Command – Weapon Systems Efficiency to continually flash its application FX if more than one player used this effect in the same area.
  • The Defense Platform console found on the Tactical Command Battlecruisers has had its tooltip updated to include the amount of beam damage it deals.

Known Issues:

  • KDF players do not appear in the scoreboard at the end of a PVP match.
  • “Boost Morale” inadvertently clears friendly stack of “Plasmonic Leech” and other effects that Debuff a foe while Buffing self.
  • Sometimes when trying to pick up loot, the loot Is called “Loot Critter”.
  • The Kinetic Cutting Beam triggers the Qib Starship Trait “Advanced Firing Solutions” when fired

2 thoughts on “Spock Memorial Details – Tribble Patch Notes – 5/3/2015

  1. Hi Lootcritter,

    off topic from your entry above, I wanted to thank you for your work and dedication to this blog – reporting news about STO, having a strong opinion and standing up & taking a stand against poor design choices of the developers and their detrimental implications for the playerbase of this game.

    I’m a gaming veteran, an admirer of Star Trek and started playing between semesters a month ago – currently standing at almost lvl 60. I’ve read all of your blog entries here. Doing so has helped me to form a more comprehensive opinion about this game, its nature of development and the character and attitude of the people behind it themselves.

    Looking at Star Trek Online, I can identify many issues in parallel to other games I’ve witnessed over the years: from poor / confusing PR & communication, critical and / or game-braking bugs after new content releases, to the formation of small, elitist groups that seem to have a disproportional influence on the community or even game development.

    In general, I’d say this game’s strenght is its subject matter (Star Trek), but it suffers from poor execution. My pure joy of hearing Robert Picardo, Tim Russ or Leonard Nimoy (RIP), was quickly overshadowed by the sheer quantity of currencies, timegates and the horrendous ground gameplay. This dichotomy brakes immersion and chips away at my motivation to go on – one disconnect at a time.
    As envisioned and under the guidance of Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek was / is not about conflict, shooting at another wave of npcs, but about wonder and discovery, not just of the universe, but of our own humanity itself.

    So in light of the above, I’m contemplating whether to continue playing or not. If yes or no, it will be a firm and decisive decision, thanks in part, to your reporting.



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