Prelude to Season Ten: LEAKS & LOCKBOXES oh MY!

Once again the data-mining masters have dredged up a slew of new ships and game elements for the upcoming Season X: The Iconian War.  As always this information violates the terms of service for the main forums and, please do not link back to either.

Just a curious thought:  Don’t people name the war after it’s over?

Here we go (what we know so far):

New C-Store SHIPS:

Two new ships likely to feature the new Pilot-hybridization seating.  Little is known about the layout and capabilities of these ships.  By the looks of the design of the fed ship below, it’s almost a destroyer class vessel.  A stretched and bulkier version of the Defiant escort-class starship.

fedThe Fed design looks interesting, click here to see the entire series of Fed images.

kdfThe KDF design doesn’t strike me as necessarily Klingon.  But considering the vessel deficit for non-fed factions, anything at this stage raider or bop-like is a huge improvement.  Click here for the full range of ship shots.


(Ok, ok we don’t know if the Romulans are being left out.)

I have to be honest, I’m currently in new-ship overload.  It’s going to be a hard sell to have me add these to my collection.  My views on the concept of having pilot-specialization starships have not changed – it’s a blatant cash grab.  I’m curious to see how the new management works this one out.

New lockbox ships

New Season, New Lockbox.  With Season X: The Urge to Buy Ships comes a series of four new lockbox ships.  We can guess that one or more of these ships will be tied to the lockbox itself, but we don’t know which ships will be Lobi -or- attached to some other C-Store promotion.  I like the R&D promotions – at least you’re guaranteed to get something you can actually use 😉

Xindi-Reptilian Escort:  Trait: Unknown, Console: Hatchery Master Controller


Xindi-Primate Carrier  Trait: Council of Thought, Console: Unknown


Xindi-Primate Dreadnaught  Trait: Super Weapon Ingenuity, Console: Unknown


Malon Battlecruiser:  Trait: Unknown, Console: Unknown


Xindi-Insectoid Fighter  Special Weapon: Plasmatic Bio-Matter


New boff POWERS

Engineering: Structural Integrity Collapse
Tactical: Kemocite Weaponry
Science: Subspace Vortex

As always this information can change at any time.  Cryptic has numerous assets ingame that they have yet to activate.

4 thoughts on “Prelude to Season Ten: LEAKS & LOCKBOXES oh MY!

  1. The new Fed ship reminds me vaguely of the Farragut-class and Federal Corvette from Elite: Dangerous. Which is to say, it looks frakkin’ awesome.


      1. You guys are having a much more favorable reaction to it than I am. So far, my first impression is unfavorable. The features are kind of blunt/stubby, I see the Tom Paris all over it, and the Pathfinder secondary deflector returns (not a fan of that one).


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