Robert McNeill Returns as Captain Tom Paris

The quest to reunite the original Voyager cast continues with the announcement today of the return of Admiral Captain Tom Eugene Paris.  Methinks his arrival may be tied to the upcoming ‘Pilot-specialization’ enhanced starships.

Hmmm... Character model needs a little love.  In the form of 12 dozen Burritos.  Per day.
Hmmm… Not feeling the model love….

I have to admit the coolness factor is pretty high, and they possibilities in-game are limitless.  While I’m certain this appearance will be used to sell another set of ships, ultimately I’d love to see Captain Paris in other missions.   Perhaps even a few new episodes of The Adventures of Captain Proton!

Of the main characters that leaves Chakotay, Janeway, Q and B’Elanna.  We know that Robert Beltran hasn’t been warm to the idea of returning to the franchise, and that Kate Mulgrew may be too busy – or more likely – too expensive. But that leaves two other who STO could have a lot of fun with;)

Fingers crossed 😉

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