Bloggery Overload – 2 Blog posts on Starship Design with Thomas Marrone

Bloggery Overload this week with 2 posts, 1 a few days late, the other a few days early! I’ll be on a plane next Monday, so we’re extending the entry time for both weeks until Tuesday, October 20th 2015.


For additional entries into the contest, please submit your answers here – or in the official threads on the forums.

How to Enter: 

  1. Subscribe to this blog, or to my twitter account. (pretty simple, 1 entry per, automatically every week)
  2. For BONUS entries: Post the answers to question one and two either on this weeks blog announcement, or in the official thread on the STO Blog.
  3. Or, Tweet you answers, including your in-game handle to @Lootcritter.

NOTE: If your entry doesn’t appear automatically on the blog, don’t worry and send me emails – it’s just that I have not approved your first post.

66 thoughts on “Bloggery Overload – 2 Blog posts on Starship Design with Thomas Marrone

  1. Part 4.
    1. Unwrapping
    2. I would like to see the ability to use unlocked bridges (from the special lobi, promotional, and event ship bridges, and from zen store purchases) on any of our ships. I want to use my ToS Bridge on some of my lobi ships and my temporal bridge on some of my zen ships.


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