TTC Jayce’s Navy Interstellar: Ambassador-Class Support Cruiser

Update 1: Additional images added from the production below.

Update 2: Thomas’s Original Odyssey post can be found here.

From SirBoulevard:

Today’s piece is a special treat: a special edition issue of Jayce’s Navy Interstellar. And if you know me, you know what it’s about: the Ambassador-class Support Cruiser!

You can thank Salami Inferno & Thomas the Cat for inspiring me into doing this. Salami for suggesting people post pictures of ships they want Tier 6. I wrote a magazine instead, the same one Thomas did for the Odyssey. Hey, artists gotta use what they’re good at.

Speaking of artists, special thanks to Drogyn1701 for his work assembling this piece, and to Kurumimorishita, probably the best STO screenshotter in the business, for doing our cover arts and the centerfold. And of course, thanks to our publisher, Lootcritter, for hosting this for us. And special thanks to the entire STO Community, dev and player alike.

Thank you all so much, and enjoy!

Jayces Amby FINAL-1
Click the Image to download this issue – 5MB download


Update: More images


12 thoughts on “TTC Jayce’s Navy Interstellar: Ambassador-Class Support Cruiser

  1. Ive been debating making a 5U ambassador to play with. The problem is they already introduced the T6 ambassador and called it the guardian. all they need to do is let you reskin gurdians into the C and your good to rock.


    1. Another person who says the Guardian is the Ambassador *sighs*
      The Guardian is not only worse looking then the Ambassador, but it’s also not the Ambassador in any form save maybe, MAYBE, the console layout and boff stations. A True T6 Ambassador would be EXACTLY THAT. An Ambassador, that’s Tier 6. Not some half-hearted replacement


      1. I was speakign from a mechanics perspective not aesthetics. I own the Guardian and Im still tempted to do a 5U Ambassador should show that to you. The Guardian is a science heavy cruiser T6. Reskin it to the Ambassador and you would have the right stats with a good look.


  2. I’ve been dying to see a T6 Ambassador AND Kamarag, and perhaps a Romulan support warbird as well, so if this is a prelude to the next T6 ships post-AoY, I’m in love.


    1. I fly a 5u K’Tringa that really tears it up 🙂
      I hate to say it but dont get yoru hopes up too high. Like the original T6 ships I think the Feds will get the lions share or even the whole meal. :/


  3. I loved it. Where can I find more of these stories? I looked all over and all I could find was a link from TTC’s twitter to a oddy one. Are there more? Is there a place where we can subscribe? Lootcritter, are you planning to post more on your blog as they come out?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Simple answer is yes, I’d be happy to host more. In speaking to Drogyn, there is an interest to do more. They are a lot of effort, so there has been no discussion on timelines ;). Like you I can’t wait for more 😉


  4. This is lovely! How did you take the screenshots, particularly the “battle” one from the Siege of Vulcan scene? I’m very interested in trying my hand at making something similar for the Command BCs or Intel ships.


  5. Yet more shade on the Galaxy, ’tis a sad thing. One idiot forgets to re-modulate the shields, order more than token defensive fire, that the core can be ejected, and the whole class gets a bad rep as a result. Thanks for that Admiral Riker.

    Really though this is fantastic.


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